Why Don't Restaurants use KDS?


Why are all expediters stuck in the 1970’s with tickets that cannot change and are hard to manage? Stuck using sharpies to make tickets readable and prone to misunderstanding and errors. Shared ticket dupes create more problems than they solve. 

A Well designed, and user friendly KDS can significantly increase efficiencies, reduce the workload for expediters in North the front and back of house, reduce waste from mistakes and increase accurate accounting of all activities. 

Imagine if, with the single press of a button, a sous chef can see an intelligent grouping of her all day calls, organized by station.
What if the expediter had a layout of each table as she called out food to pick up, and what if dishes were grouped for the expediter, so they correctly grouped seats one and eight at each eight top. 
What if tickets could be ordered so that servers could check their POS and know how long their tables Food would be. 
What if all allergies, modifications, and other notes were prominently displayed when they were relevant, instead of being printed in small, hard to read, font. 
What if Refires & SFNs were rung in at the pass by the expediter, simplifying the process of accounting for additions to tables, and increasing the accuracy of revenues and costs. 
What if Soignes were automatically dispatched from the Maitre’d to the kitchen, and were connected to the tables order, such that any regular modifications were immediately applied with no user input, and “the regular” was truly known by everyone. 

The upfront cost of a KDS has decreased such that it is an economic opportunity, especially when the lifecycle cost of paper, and ribbon is considered with a similar printer focused solution. 

Braden Williams